Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snowboarding Looked So Easy on the Wii…

I was Number 2 in the world on a snowboarding game, so how could I be so bad at it in real life?! Turns out it’s a lot easier in the virtual wolrd :-(

I’ve recently just returned from Pamporovo, Bulgaria for my second trip there. I skied for the first time there last year. I had lessons for a week but it was snowboarding I took to straight away. I did a two hour snowboard taster and loved it, so I switched to that this year.

I took beginners snowboarding lessons and boy did I need them! I thought I was quite good at snowboarding after my two hour taster the year before, but turns out I was wrong about that too! I have never fallen so much in my life than I did on my first day of lessons. Good job there was lots of snow to cushion my falls!  

It took my four days just to master how to turn, but once I had that I could start going on the runs. I was very close to giving up on day 3, but glad I persevered. By the end of the week I went on green, blue and red runs so was really pleased. I was also really glad I was able to go down some runs with my fiance Kyle, who skis (boo, hiss!). Although I don’t think he was too pleased as he spent more time waiting for me to get back up from my falls or push me down the slope when it wasn’t steep enough than he did actually skiing.

I really considered doing some black runs and some jumps on the last day, but I think it was a wise decision not to and come back with fully functioning limbs!

Anyway, despite the slow start I had an amazing week and will definitely be sticking to snowboarding!  

The snow went up to my knees

A little difficult to see where you were going..

My favourite photo - I should be a professional!

The sun finally made an appearance

Proof I wasn't on the floor the whole time

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