Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Month in Romania in Photos

Okay, so  I still haven’t finished writing about my month in Romania… but I’ve had a long day and spend look at my photos approximately 10 100 times a day so I thought I’d share them with you (whilst giving me another excuse to look again).

Some of my boys from first camp - Levi, Lala and Marius

The boys in their football kit

Levi suits my glasses :-)

The kids queing up for food at the BBQ - over 150 turned up!

All the volunteers and a few kids at the BBQ

At the zoo with the cutest kids

All the kids and volunteers at the zoo

Enjoying being one of the kids :-)

Painting at one of the playschemes we ran

Round the back of the village where some of the poorest kids live

Me and my favouritist Joska

One of the games the kids play - would not pass health & safety in the UK!

Bela and Dudu traditional Roma dancing (they both had bruises on their legs after this)

Dudu, Pepi and Bela in their hats

Me and Dudu colouring in his folder 

Amazing dance off

Chicken with cornflakes (yes, that's right)

Last meal with the volunteers and helpers from the village :-(

Camp 1 boys balloon game

The volunteers turn at the balloon game :-)

Possibly my favourite pic - all 74 kids plus volunteers

The contrast of the back of the village and town

For more information on the work of the charity Aid for Romanian Children (ARC) visit their website.  

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