Monday, 15 October 2012

Garden of Light, Bradford

Last night I went to Bradford's City Park to see the much raved about, Garden of Light for the last night. And it's safe to safe I was really impressed for two reasons. 1 - The lights were truly spectacular and 2 - For 7pm on a Sunday night the town centre was full of people, which I'm sure doesn't happen often.

I've been to City Park a few times, but it was the first time I've seen the huge fountain turned on - very impressive. Even more impressive was the brave women so who decided to go walk through the water to stand right underneath it (it was cold enough without being stood under a 30m fountain!).

People still give Bradford a hard time, but it's moving in the right direction and I for am proud to have these spectacular features in my home time! It was also great to see so many people from all different backgrounds there to enjoy the amazing Garden of Light. 

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